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    Flip Chip COB Encapsulation
    COB(chip-on-board) means chip is soldered on the PCB board directly, the electrode is on the top of the chip and occupies 20%-30% light emitting area.
    Flip chip COB is the upgraded version of normal COB, electrode is on the bottom of the chip, occupies 0% light emitting area which saves 20% energy and with 20000:1 higher contrast; no need wire bonding, concise process contributes higher stability; large heat dissipation area minimizes heat damage and extends the lifespan of LEDs.
    LED Display
    COB LED Display
    COB HD LED Display
    COB display is sealed by epoxy resin and has no bare pad, which protects the LEDs from water, dust, oil stain, collision and static electricity.
    High Reliability
    Working Principle:
    SMD technology processes:die bonding -► wire bonding -► dispensing -► punching -► sorting -► taping -► 270°C reflow soldering -► display module COB technology processes:die bonding—►wire bonding—► display module Flip chip COB technology processes: die bonding —► display module
    Flip Chip COB Encapsulation
    Application :
    ①Securities trading, financial information display. The LED display screens used in this field are the most demanded, accounting for almost 50% of the LED display market share, and there is still a large demand.
    ② station, port passenger guidance information display. The automation system of the passenger transportation hub, which is composed of the information and broadcasting system, the train-to-issue reminder system and the ticket information system, which are mainly composed of LED display screens, has become an important part of the development and transformation of railway stations and ports in China.
    ③ airport flight dynamic information display. The requirements for display screens in China’s civil aviation airport construction are very clear. The LED display screen is the preferred product of Flight Information Display System (FIDS).
    ④stadium information display. The LED display as the main information of the game information display glaze game live broadcast, has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, has become one of the must-have facilities of modern sports venues.
    ⑤road traffic information display. In the areas of urban transportation and highways, the development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS has promoted the widespread use of LED displays as variable information boards, speed limit signs, etc.).
    ⑥ dispatching command center information display. High-density LED displays are gradually being adopted in areas such as power dispatching, vehicle persuasion tracking, and vehicle dispatch management.
    ⑦advertising media. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display as an advertising medium, the cluster LED display advertising system and the train LED display advertising system have also been adopted and promoted.
    ⑧ The promotion and information display of service areas such as postal, telecommunications, shopping malls and shopping centers. In these cases, LED displays are mostly used.
    ⑨ large-scale LED displays are increasingly used for live video broadcasts for public and political purposes, playing an important role in live broadcast and advertising information distribution.LED Screens China