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    High precision laser cutting machine BR-3015-1000W
    1. Support different images format as Al, DXF, PLT, Gerber, can read standard ISO G codes from MaterCam, Type3 such nesting software.
    2. Automatically optimization when open or lead in DXF file, like delete repeated line, merge connected lines, recognize in/out cutting file and file sorting out. User can decide to manually do above work, or let controller do it automatically.
    3. Support conventional picture edit functions
    4. Following what you see is what you get, to set lead in/out, kerf compensation, merge, bridge, over burning, save gap ….etc
    5. Unique function of Preview of cutting work flow.
    6. Support segmental pierce, Progressive pierce, Pre-pierce, support separately setting laser watt, frequency, laser type, air type, pressure, auto cutting height during pierce and cutting.
    7. Support to set separate lead in/out speed according to adjustment of laser power.
    8. Big storage, allowing user to save all cutting parameters to use it again on same material.
    9. Breakpoint recovery, CNC can return to the point where the cutting stopped, allowing partial file cutting. It can go to any point to start there after stop or pause.
    10. Same software can support round tube cutting and plate cutting, programming is same, and support intersect cutting.
    11. Support to cut at set height, automatically seek edge, and start from outside of workpiece, or lift up when torch is out of work piece.
    12. Powerful expanding capability, over 15 PLC process programming, over 30 programmable processes.
    13. Input/output and alarm input are programmable, support wireless remote control, and support internet
    1. Jumping mode to enhance cutting effectiveness
    2. Capacitive height control in quick response
    3. Re-trace mode allowing for the cutting process control when cutting errors occur
    4. Dynamic corning control allowing for automatic adjustment of power and gases for better cutting performance in corners and tight contours
    5. Adjustable slope function to improve laser piercing quality
    6. Cutting compensation function for line & circle cutting
    7. Fly-piercing function with non-stop cutting which greatly improves the cutting efficiency for thin plates
    8. Automatic plate edge detecting function for faster setup
    9. High Efficient Cutting Head:
    10. Bright surface Cutting Smooth cutting surface, high accuracy, perfect squareness
    11. Diversified Sheet ChoiceStandard cutting mode and SuperCut Mode
    12. Intelligent Cutting System Auto-controlling and auto-focusing cutting gas.
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