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    About Us
    Euromood furniture is a chinese company dedicated to the field of contemporary furniture design and manufacturer,who has got good reputation because of QUALITY,RELIABILITY AND INTEGRITY, now has our own brands called euromood,casamoda and make contract orders too,becomes the most suitable production platform in china for many overseas clients with classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality segments.
    Production base
    The company was established in 2004 starting from small scale artisan workshop,grew quickly and formed a large scale production bases involved in wooden furniture production line,hardware furniture production line,upholstery furniture production line and so on,with 4,000SM showroom building,becoming more industrialilzed in character and size as well as more competitive in prices and services
    We are constantly improved by the intensive research on materials and technological solutions thus
    enhancing the value of impeccable details.
    Eg:ceramic,glass,marble,wood veneer panel,wood painting panel,solid wood,fabric,leather,stainless
    steel,iron and so on
    Material and scenery photo
    Our products are satisfied to designers’ ideas and projects, which are used in the development of indoor and outdoor collections for home furniture and hotel furniture from individually owned inn to well-known international hotel chain
    Design and discussion
    Thanks to the QUALITY,RELIABILITY AND INTEGRITY between our clients and us,which gave us growth in the past,and will aslo carry into the future.Wholesale Ceramic Dining Table