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    Corrosion resistant spring can be divided into chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion according to the type of reaction. They are all the result of changes in the metal atoms on the surface of the spring or the loss of electrons into an ionic state. If the surface metal of the spring only chemically reacts with the surrounding medium, the spring causes corrosion to be called chemical corrosion.
    For example, a spring is oxidized in a particularly dry atmosphere to form an oxide film, and a spring chemically changes in the non-electrolyte liquid with the liquid or impurities in the liquid, and is chemically corroded. If the spring is in contact with the electrolyte solution, the corrosion due to the action of the microbattery is called electrochemical corrosion
    Working environment
    1.Hydrofluoric acid corrosion
    2.Sea water corrosion
    3.Carbonic acid corrosion
    4.Acetic acid corrosion
    5.Sulfuric acid corrosion
    Corrosion-resistant springs are springs that can work in weak corrosive media such as electrons, air steam, water, etc., and chemically etched media such as acids, alkalis, and salts
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